Is it even worth looking for a job right now?

The last few years have been interesting for everyone worldwide.  Economies and businesses have been affected by the global, COVID-19 pandemic.  Even though some regions have partially reopened, millions of employees have been laid off or furloughed.  There is an overwhelming amount of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Now, more than ever job seekers are faced with intense amounts of competition, while entire industries have been negatively impacted.  

How can you stand out from the hundreds of other candidates that have all applied for the same position?

I'd like to tell you how, for free!  

Annually, we work with hundreds of clients internationally on career and business coaching, resume/LinkedIn Profile writing, and interviewing preparation, among other things.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve been working with many clients to land their dream jobs in spite of the circumstances.  As CEO of the firm, I am compelled to give more tips, tricks, and strategies that help our clients, to even more professionals and executives.  

I originally thought about writing this guide and selling it for $27.  Upon reflection, I decided that I want to help as many people as possible, so we're giving this away for free!

This guide was designed to help you by providing insight and some best practices to land the role you’re looking for, right now.  We cover key topics such as:

  • The SMART Job Seeker’s Mindset
  • Job Search Strategy that Works
  • How to Know it’s Time for a Career Change
  • Acing the Interview
  • FAQs & Tips

Understanding these things will put you ahead of 90% of the other job candidates out there.  

After working with hundreds of clients, I've noticed that many people have difficulty navigating a successful job search or career transition.  While friends and family may be supportive, they often don't have the knowledge, skill, or expertise to help.  

That's where we come in!  

You don't have to give up on your career dreams, or put everything off until next year.

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Learn what you need to land the right job now, in spite of the circumstances!


by Bridget Lewis

I contracted your service to revamp my resume and LinkedIn Profile. You also provided a couple of coaching courses as I was starting a new business. Not only did I get a role during the pandemic, my resume and profile is still getting callbacks today. I’m starting my second contract and was able to negotiate a rate of $60/hr. I am a very satisfied customer and recommend you highly. Thank you, Porschia!

by Gaby Sanjurjo

Porschia and Fly High Coaching are an elite team of career developers. Partnering with them was the best career choice I could have made. After Covid layoffs, I was able to secure a position within a week leveraging the guidance I received from Porchia and her team. Highly recommended and I will continue to lean on them for support in the future!

by L. Dionne Clemons

Thanks to Porschia and her amazing team, I was hired on by one of the largest companies in the world, after years of unsuccessful attempts with my own resume. It was the first submission I did with my new resume, and I was hired for a different position than what I applied - FOR EVEN IN THE MIDST OF THIS PANDEMIC! The process was ideal, starting with the great initial conversation with her. Porschia really got to KNOW the professional me, and what translated on paper few days later was this "incredible rock star HR professional!" My confidence level was boosted 10,000%, and I landed my role a few weeks later. I've already sent a few colleagues her way, and I'm expecting great things for them as well.

About the Instructor

Porschia Parker-Griffin

Porschia Parker, Founder and CEO of Fly High Coaching and the Millennial Performance Institute, is a Professional Certified Coach, a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. She also has experience as a director and business consultant in the financial industry, helping companies unlock millions of dollars in potential hiding in their organizations. Porschia is currently studying for her master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Georgia. She has also served as an Associate Training Coach for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and been recognized as a Career Expert by LinkedIn ProFinder. Porschia serves as a Career Contributor for BioSpace and has been featured in FlexJobs, Levo, iOFFICE, and the Rochester Business Journal.

Learn what you need to land the right job now, in spite of the circumstances!

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